What are the Architectural patterns that you have used?

Architectural patterns are used to define the architecture of a Software system. Some of the patterns are as follows:

  • MVC: Model View Controller. This pattern is extensively used in the architecture of Spring framework.
  • Publish-subscribe: This pattern is the basis of messaging architecture. In this case messages are published to a Topic. And subscribers subscribe to the topic of their interests. Once the message is published to a topic in which a Subscriber has an interest, the message is consumed by the relevant subscriber.
  • Service Locator: This design pattern is used in a service like JNDI to locate the available services. It uses as central registry to maintain the list of services.
  • n-Tier: This is a generic design pattern to divide the architecture in multiple tiers. E.g. there is 3-tier architecture with Presentation layer, Application layer and Data access layer. It is also called multi-layer design pattern.
  • Data Access Object (DAO): This pattern is used in providing access to database objects. The underlying principle is that we can change the underlying database system, without changing the business logic. Since business logic talks to DAO object, there is no impact of changing Database system on business logic.
  • Inversion of Control (IoC): This is the core of Dependency Injection in Spring framework. We use this design pattern to increase the modularity of an application. We keep the objects loosely coupled with Dependency Injection.

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