What are the advantages of using AppStream in AWS?

    We can use Amazon AppStream to stream our resource-intensive applications from AWS cloud. Main advantages of AppStream are:

  • Device Constraints: Since WS provides computing environment, there are no device constraints like CPU, memory etc. on the application.
  • Fast and Easy Upgrade: since AppStream manages the application, it is very easy to upgrade and send updates to application. New version of the application can be immediately released.
  • Multiple Platforms: Since AppStream supports multiple platforms, we can write the application code one time and stream it to multiple device platforms. We just have to write a small client to support a new device.
  • Instant On: Amazon AppStream can be used for starting the application immediately. There is no delay related to large file download or installation in AppStream.
  • Security: Application in AppStream is safe from theft or any other form of plagiarism. Applications are stored very securely in AppStream.
  • Auto-Scaling: Amazon AppStream supports Autoscaling based on the need as well as spikes in traffic requests.

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