What are the advantages of MySQL as compared with Oracle DB?

Some of the main advantages of MySQL over Oracle DB are as follows:

  • Cost: MySQL is an Open Source and free RDBMS software. Oracle is usually a paid option for RDBMS.
  • Space: MySQL uses around 1 MB to run whereas Oracle may need as high as 128 MB to run the database server.
  • Flexibility: MySQL can be used to run a small website as well as very large scale systems. Oracle is generally used in medium to large scale systems.
  • Management: In MySQL, database administration is much easier due to self-management features like- automatic space expansion, auto-restart and dynamic configuration changes. In Oracle dedicated DBA has to work on managing the Database.
  • Portable: MySQL is easily portable to different hardware and operating system. Migrating Oracle from one platform to another is a tougher task.

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