Top 100 Tricky Java Interview Questions

Top 100 Tricky Java Interview Questions book contains tricky and nasty Java interview questions that an interviewer asks in Java technology interview. It is a compilation of questions after attending dozens of Java interviews in top-notch companies like- Google, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon etc. You can save time by reading questions as well as answers from the book.

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Sample questions are:

  • How can you determine if JVM is 32-bit or 64-bit from Java Program?
  • What is the right data type to represent Money (like Dollar/Pound) in Java?
  • Is ++ operation thread-safe in Java?
  • How can you mark an array volatile in Java?
  • Can you create an Immutable object that contains a mutable object?
  • In Java, can we store a double value in a long variable without explicit casting?
  • What will this return 5*0.1 == 0.5? true or false?
  • How can you do constructor chaining in Java?
  • How can we find the memory usage of JVM from Java code?
  • Explain the difference between fail-fast and fail-safe iterators?
  • Can you catch an exception thrown by another thread in Java?
  • Do you think Java Enums are more powerful than integer constants?
  • How can you check if a String is a number by using regular expression?

Read Top 100 Tricky Java Interview Questions book on

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