Tell me something about yourself?

This question has to be prepared very well. But do not speak like a pre-recorded tape. Prepare bullet points and then speak in your own words naturally. Your experience can start from your Highest Qualification or your recent title, whichever is more impressive. Do not give explanation for leaving your current company in this question’s answer.

Sample Answer is: My name is John, I have completed Masters in Computer Science from XYZ university. I am currently working as Software Engineer in ABC company for 2 years. I am responsible for developing software for Billing module. Currently we are a team of 4 persons working on performance improvement of this module.

I have worked on both back end and front-end applications. One of the challenging projects that I had worked on was Redesign of Billing infrastructure. After the redesign we were able to handle 10 times peak load on the software.

In my team I am also a security champ. I take care of helping with security audits and promote best practices of security in code.

At personal level, my hobby is running. I have run marathon in XYZ event.

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