Microservices Interview Questions

Microservices Interview Questions Book
Microservices Interview Questions Book

Microservices is the latest trend in Technology world. It is the new architecture on which very few books have been written.
If you are aiming to get a job in companies with Microservices architecture like- Netflix, Amazon etc. then this book can help you prepare for the technical interview.
This books also covers Architect level information in Q&A format for easy grasp of the concept.
This book helps you in understanding the deep concepts behind Microservices in a Q&A format.

Get the answers to questions like:

What are the characteristics of a Good Microservice?
Is it a good idea for Microservices to share a common database?
What are the issues in using REST over HTTP for Microservices?
What is Reactive Extensions?
What is Semantic Versioning?
What is Continuous Integration?
What is Ubiquitous language?
What is Mike Cohn’s Test Pyramid?
How can we eradicate non-determinism in tests?
What is PACT?
What is a Consumer Driven Contract (CDC)?
What is Canary Releasing?
How can we separate Deployment from Release of Microservices?
How will you implement Service Discovery in Microservices architecture?
What is the difference between Orchestration and Choreography in Microservices architecture?

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