How do we get higher performance in our application by using Amazon CloudFront?

If our application is content rich and used across multiple locations, we can use Amazon CloudFront to increase its performance. Some of the techniques used by Amazon CloudFront are as follows:

  • Caching: Amazon CloudFront caches the copies of our application’s content at locations closer to our viewers. By this caching our users get our content very fast. Also due to caching the load on our main server decreases.
  • Edge / Regional Locations: CloudFront uses a global network of Edge and Regional edge locations to cache our content. These locations cater to almost all of the geographical areas across the world.
  • Persistent Connections: In certain cases, CloudFront keeps persistent connections with the main server to fetch the content quickly.
  • Other Optimization: Amazon CloudFront also uses other optimization techniques like TCP initial congestion window etc to deliver high performance experience.

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