What is the meaning of “2>&1” in a Unix shell?

In Unix shell file descriptor 1 is for standard output. File description 2 is for standard error. We can use

What is the difference between a Zombie and Orphan process in Unix?

Zombie is a defunct child process in Unix that still has entry in process table. Sometimes a child process is

What are the popular commands for user management in Unix?

In Unix we use following commands for User Management: id: This command gives the active user id with login and

What is the significance of 755 in chmod 755 command?

We use chmod command to change the permissions of a file in Unix. In this command we can pass the

How can we run a process in background in Unix? How can we kill a process running in background?

In Unix shell we can use symbol & to run a command in background. E.g. % ls –lrt & Once

What are the main steps taken by a Unix Shell for processing a command?

A Unix Shell takes following main steps to process a command: Parse: First step is to parse the command or