What do you know about our company?

This is again an opportunity question in which you can demonstrate your knowledge about the company as well as your deep research on this company. It shows that you are really interested in working for this company.

To answer this question you need two sets of information.

First is the background of the company. To learn the background of a company, just search for the company on any finance portal and you can find the financial details like revenue, profitability and short summary of the company.

Second information is the current news of the company. It shows that you are well informed. Just search on Google news about the company and read 3-4 latest stories to know what the company is going through these days.

Will you be able to work independently?

Yes. This is the most important that is looked for in an employee.

Sample answer is
Yes, I am a self-starter. I can pick up and do work myself independently. In my current company, my manager relies on me to work directly with the product manager. I communicate with business partners and product person to gather requirements and come up with initial solution. Also I believe in ownership of work that I deliver. I proactively support the features that I deliver to production.

How did you hear about us?

This is a simple question from interviewer. Some people make the mistake of answering it wrong by saying that I was looking online for job and found your company. It does not give a good impression. You have to make the interviewer feel important by telling how you found this opportunity and how it fits your career goals.

If you have a friend in the company, then you can mention that as well now.

Sample answer is
I have always wanted to work in Mobile commerce domain. I researched on the internet and found your company to be pioneer in this domain. I have studied about the products and services that your company has launched in the past. Your company and this position looks a great fit for my career goals.

What are you looking for in a new position?

Again this is a simple question with only one answer. Since you are applying for this job, you must already have an idea about what this job position is looking for.

The expectations of this job position may not change based on your reply to this question. So it is not a good idea to tell a lot of your preferences about this job position. Rather you can counter it by asking a counter question.

You can pick the points from Job posting and use it in your answer.

Sample answer is:
I have been looking for growing my career in Mobile commerce and Cloud computing. I want work in an organization where I can learn this domain. I find that this position is in this domain. I already have technical expertise to work in this domain. I find this is a great opportunity for me to use my technical expertise in learning this domain and delivering business value.

Will you be able to perform under pressure?

This question is an indicator that the position for which you are applying is a high-pressure job. So be prepared for what you are getting into.

The approach to answer this question is to demonstrate how you have already worked under pressure in an earlier job.

Sample answer is
Yes. I have already worked in a high-pressure job earlier. We had a demanding client in my previous job. There were tight deadlines and strict quality criteria. I setup regular meetings with the client manager to discuss progress on a regular basis. Also we established processes for on call support so that we can provide high quality service and low turnaround time for any production features. I am sure I can apply my learning from that experience in this job.

How are your communication skills?

As a software engineer, you are expected to be good in not only technical skills but also in communication skills.

Since you are already appearing for interview and showing your communication skills, your interviewer can easily judge your communication skills.

So to answer this question, you have to increase the scope by telling different kind of communication in which you are good. Like- email communication, PowerPoint presentation etc.

Also this question is an indicator that current position requires good communication skills.

Sample answer is
I am good in verbal as well as written communication skills. I have conducted many training sessions in my current company. I can effectively express my ideas to a large group of people. In my work, I am able to gather requirements from business stakeholders and convert that into initial design. My good communication skills help in working with product manager and business partners.

You lack experience for this position. How will you compensate for this?

If you really lack experience in this area, then you have to give a smart answer to this question. If you already have the experience in this area, then you just need to provide proofs and justifications.

Sample answer is:
I have strong interest in working on this area. So I have already completed two online courses in this domain to gain the required knowledge. I understand that there will be a learning curve. To make it shorter, I am willing to spend extra time on this area. Based on my previous experience of working on domain, I can pick up things quickly over here. I am sure I can be a valuable contributor in these areas within a short span of time.

What kind of team member you cannot work with?

This is a trick question. You have to avoid answering it in detail. You may have many dislikes for different kind of people. But this is not the time to mention all those details.

Sample answer is
I am a friendly person. I have worked with team members of different age and experience. I can easily gel with people. I do not have strong preference for not working with somebody.

Do you have any friend in our company?

If you have a friend in company, it is a good idea to mention it during initial stage itself. It helps you justify the reason why you want to join an organization. Because of your friend, you have first hand experience about the growth and culture of the company. This helps you decide in applying for this great company.

Sample answer is
Yes, I have a friend in this company. We have worked together in another organization earlier. He has told me about the great culture over here and the exciting things your company is working on. I am enthusiastic about working with like-minded people on this domain.

Will you be able to work late hours or on weekends?

This question is an indicator of the expectations from this job position. Since it is a requirement for this position and you are ready to accept this offer, then your answer has to be yes. If you are not comfortable working on weekends, then you can decide after the interview, whether you really want this job or not. But during the interview you have to answer as per the expectation of the position.

In case you are not comfortable working on weekends or late hours you can enquire further about how many times it is expected and then decide.

Sample answer is:

Yes, I understand that we have to support business processes that run 24X7. In my past experience also I take full ownership of my work and support the business in late hours and weekends on need basis. At the same time, I try to build resiliency in the system so that any manual tasks can be automated and system can work on its own during the off hours.