Can you tell us about the core interfaces of Hibernate framework?

The core interfaces of Hibernate framework are as follows:

  • Configuration: Configuration interface can be implemented in an application to specify the properties and mapping documents for creating a SessionFactory in Hibernate. Hibernate application bootstraps by using this interface.
  • SessionFactory: In Hibernate, SessionFactory is used to create and manage Sessions. Generally, there is one SessionFactory created for one database. It is a thread-safe interface that works well in multi-threaded applications.
  • Session: Session is a lightweight object that is used at runtime between a Java application and Hibernate. It contains methods to create, read and delete operations for entity classes. It is a basic class that abstracts the concept of persistence.
  • Transaction: This is an optional interface. It is a short lived object that is used for encapsulating the overall work based on unit of work design pattern. A Session can have multiple Transactions.
  • Query: This interface encapsulates the behavior of an object-oriented query in Hibernate. It can accept parameters and execute the queries to fetch results. Same query can be executed multiple times.
    Criteria: This is a simplified API to retrieve objects by creating Criterion objects. It is very easy to use for creating Search like features.
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